Cruise on Jaćwież - stylized for a historic ship

The first year of work in a corporation took a toll on Mr. Thomas from Mazovia and had also an impact on his family life. Therefore, the opportunity to spend family holidays was eagerly awaited.

The fact that he managed to convince his wife and children to go on holiday was already a little success. However, persuading several families of friends to go on a common trip at the same time seemed to be almost a miracle.

Rospuda Valley

Mr. Thomas suspected that the vision of a cruise on a ship to the Rospuda Valley (in defense of which ecologists chained themselves to trees) had a decisive influence here.

As a result of these efforts, the entire cheery bunch gathered on the July afternoon at the marina on the river Netta in Augustow to board the stylized ship Jaćwież that could accommodate 60 people.

Guide on the Ship

Of course children immediately rushed towards the crew dressed up as Yotvingians and admired their authentic costumes and armor pieces restored with great care and historical compatibility.

It turned out that the history and customs of Yotvingians will be the main motive of a story told by a guide present on board. Fortunately, it was not a boring lecture for students of history which ended with an exam, but a collection of tidbits interrupted from time to time by the sound of an eagle’s cry flying somewhere high above them.

Wildlife and tales about history - the passengers felt as if they were traveling in time.

Cruises for organized groups

Mr. Thomas knew that just before the expedition he had made two decisions: one good and one not so much. The good one was the purchase of alcoholic beverages (after some time it turned out that the toilet on the ship was a lifesaver).

But on the other hand he regretted that he did not use the opportunity to see a staged fight of Yotvingians and, in particular, experience a raid – it would have been great if it had ended in an abduction of his best friend’s annoying wife.

He promised himself that he would persuade his boss to organize a team building meeting there and then he would be able to really go wild, especially because the owner of the ship pointed out his ability to provide catering and that he was open to all suggestions to make a cruise more attractive.

Evening cruises with feast and music

Mr. Thomas’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a gray shape he glimpsed in the bushes on the shore. Could it be a wolf mentioned earlier by the guide? Er, surely it's only a tree trunk ... it was already dusk when the ship Jaćwież was docking at port. Luckily, the heating on board worked perfectly, so Mr. Thomas, somewhat tired with the day’s experiences, fresh air and beer, could focus on planning the next part of the evening. Their adventure with unique attractions of a beautiful Augustów district had just started.

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