Route: Netta River – Lake Necko – Lake Rospuda – Rospuda River – Rospuda valley (2 km into the Rospuda) – return

Time of cruise – approximately 1 hr. 30 minutes.

Cruises permanently from 9:00am; 11:00am; 1:00pm 3:00pm; 5:00pm; 7:00pm (cruise with a feast and music)

Details at phone number: 570 39 39 39

Price – 60 zł / person

Embark on a journey of picturesque nature scenery in Augustów.

Your river cruise will begin at Netta River sailing in the direction of Necko Lake.
Along the riverbank you’ll discover scenic boulevards ideal for a leisure walk, day hike, or cycling trip. Netta River is known for its annual Summer events: Polish Water Ski Championship; and a hilarious Homemade Floats Championship, in which participants are racing “on anything that will stay afloat”. You can rest assured knowing that you can enjoy the spectacle safely aboard the seaworthy M/S Jaćwież.

After a short cruise along Netta River you will arrive at Necko Lake. The name of the lake comes from the Yotvingian word “Methis” meaning “to throw”. The sandy beaches of the lake are scattered with a multitude of public swimming areas. The water sports enthusiast will enjoy a water ski lift available for recreation. Necko Lake is home to an abundance of fish (pike, perch, eel, catfish, roach, bream), making it a paradise for the fishing aficionado. For those who are not connoisseurs of fishing, there is plenty of other seasonal outdoor events that don’t involve “soaking a stick”, like Culinary Sailing Regatta or Water Slalom with Stars of Radio Troika.

Next we will pass through Rospuda Lake (Rospuda Augustow), which in comparison to Necko Lake is much less bountiful in the number of holiday resorts. Without a question the most noted place on the lake is a peninsula coined “Naked Sophy”. Its intriguing name comes from the local legend, that claims a daughter of a local forest ranger fell in love with a young Russian officer and was hanged for treason at the peninsula for spying on Napoleon’s army for the Russians.

After a while on your voyage winding down the rocky shoals of Rospuda River, the riverbed will widen creating a boggy basin filled with peatlands called Rospuda Valley. This area is one of the most valuable stretches of peatland, which is entirely of natural origin with an undisturbed water environment. In laymen terms, bog maintains a constant water level, which prevents trees and bushes from engulfing the river. The valley is under legal protection due to the presence of rare species of flora and fauna, including a rare plant Herminium Monorchis, which is listed in the Polish Red Data Book of Plants. If you are lucky, you’ll hear a screech of a bald eagle or spot a crane. You may even catch a glimpse of a wolf or a deer during their annual migratory journey west from the Augustow Forest and the Biebrza National Park.

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