Route: Netta River – Lake Necko – River Klonownica (shortest navigable river in Europe) – Lake Białe – lock Przewięź – Lake Studzieniczne – Augustow Canal – lock Swoboda – Swoboda Pond – return

Time of cruise – approximately 4 hours.

Price – 90 zł / person

Regular cruises in July and August at: 9:30 am and 14:00 am

Embark on a journey of picturesque nature scenery in Augustów.

Your river cruise will begin at Netta River sailing in the direction of Necko Lake.
Along the riverbank you’ll discover scenic boulevards ideal for a leisure walk, day hike, or cycling trip. Netta River is known for its annual Summer events: Polish Water Ski Championship; and a hilarious Homemade Floats Championship, in which participants are racing “on anything that will stay afloat”. You can rest assured knowing that you can enjoy the spectacle safely aboard the seaworthy M/S Jaćwież.

After a short cruise along Netta River you will arrive at Necko Lake. The name of the lake comes from the Yotvingian word “Methis” meaning “to throw”. The sandy beaches of the lake are scattered with a multitude of public swimming areas. The water sports enthusiast will enjoy a water ski lift available for recreation. Necko Lake is home to an abundance of fish (pike, perch, eel, catfish, roach, bream), making it a paradise for the fishing aficionado. For those who are not connoisseurs of fishing, there is plenty of other seasonal outdoor events that don’t involve “soaking a stick”, like Culinary Sailing Regatta or Water Slalom with Stars of Radio Troika.

From there you will sail through Klonownica River, which is the shortest navigable river in Europe (800 meters long). It flows through the old village of Klonownica, which was founded before 1790 as a colony of coal tar pitch burners and today is a part of Augustow city.

The next reservoir on this route will be Białe Lake with a well-developed shoreline, numerous bays, peninsulas and four islands. The edges of lake are mostly high and overgrown with pine trees. Like Necko Lake, Białe Lake has abundant fish.

On the way out of Białe Lake an attraction awaits you in the form of passing through Przewięź Lock. It is sixth lock of the Augustow Canal (counting from Biebrza Lock). Przewieź Lock is located near the village of the same name. It was built between 1826-1827 and is still preserved in its original state.

After the high of emotions associated with the passage through the lock, you’ll find yourself hidden in the shadows of the trees surrounding Studzieniczne Lake. This lake is an ideal place for those who look to relax and unwind in peace and quiet. The shores of Studzieniczne Lake are occupied with campsites for pitching tents, as well as bungalows – for people who want to be closer to nature with a bit more comfort.

Augustow Canal is a real pearl among the waterways of Europe. Sailing through it you will notice how man-made objects blend harmoniously with the natural landscape of the canal creating unforgettable views.

In the area adjacent to the Augustów Canal are located floral, ornithological, and landscape reservations with 46 species of mammals and over 200 species of birds. You may spot a bald eagle or a heron, even catch a glimpse of an elk on the overgrown shore.

Next we arrive at the seventh lock of Augustow Canal (counting from Biebrza) – Swoboda Lock. Swoboda Lock underwent modernization in the 1960s and initially the original wooden gate was replaced by a metal one with an added bridge made of reinforced concrete. However, the new system of metal gates did not work and was dismantled and replaced with the original system of shafts.

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